Saturday, November 27, 2010

Just begun: totally tamil.

It is been a long time since Blogspot has seen life in me. I was busy pandering to academic pressures and as a result lost track of my new found hobby.  All said and done, the good news is that Bond is back, so you got to be happy. The past few months have be pretty eventful. I have been travelling all across the south. Was in Kerala in June, in Goa in July, in Bangalore in August in Hyderabad in August, back to Bangalore and now I am here in Chennai.
That covers all the four southern states and Goa as complementary. It has been fun all through. 

This is the first time I am visiting Chennai and the Tamilians did not spare the opportunity to make it as eventful as possible as soon as I reached. Besides a few stray incidents it was a pretty smooth entry into the state. A friend had told me to be careful about the autowala's, about how they can fleece your dearness. Nonetheless I thought I could still give it a try, I asked one of them the cost of travelling to CMI, the dude gives me a blank look as though CMI does not exists in Chennai. Luckily the 'C' stands for 'Chennai'. Having no idea of where CMI is located, he decides to think for sometime and then after some deliberation blurts out "450 lagega!!!"- like if you dont know where to go just charge the maximum. Luckily I had just 200 in my wallet so I told him that it was too much and scurried away to the nearest bus-stop. The bus fares in Chennai are exorbitantly low... you could travel from one end to the other with just 10 ruppees. The crazy thing was that I boarded the right bus twice and was told that it is the wrong one, it was frustrating with all the luggage. I finally manged to reach CMI after about three hours of travelling. It took me five hours to reach Chennai and 3 hours to find CMI in Chennai, tragedy of sorts.

As of now I am kinda having fun. The food is pretty tasty. I finally managed to meet old friends after a long time. I haven't got the opportunity to travel around yet. Hope to go to Loyola College tomorrow, so will write more later. Bye for now and have fun!!!


Gerard D'Souza said...

It's Tamil. Tamilian has now become accepted because of its common usage. In the dictionary there is no such thing a Tamilian

Jonathan Fernandes said...

Well thanks... was not aware of it ;)

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