Friday, February 11, 2011

For Cricket and a Cricket mad department

Back after a long time. With a purpose though. I had written a post on a cricket tournament that our departmental team had participated in last March or so. We are back into the tournament this time too, and hoping to strike big. So whats my role here? I will cover the event for the guys who actually miss the action. With students and ex-students of the department spread out all over the world I believe such an initiative is imperative. Having attached a philanthropic tag to my blabbering I should get down to business.

Today we are going to meet the team!!! The team comprises of the following ( I got this inside information from a reliable source, but not yet confirmed by the 'official' selectors) Ramiz, Dheeraj, Tapan, Sayan, Vikram, Santanu, Pranav, Arpan, Prahallad, Shubhamay, Sumit, Avijit and Bappaditya. Apparently we had some IPL style auctions where we bought players from the TIFR CAM franchise. Shyam and Manoj from TIFR have agreed to lend their expertise (this was a peculiar auction where the money comes after the results ;-)).  I should make mention of the coach, that is Saurav, amicably called 'dada' who has spent his evening fine-tuning the abundant talent in the department. If I have missed anybody else, who should have been mentioned out here... dont feel bad... I should make up for that in the next post... but please do inform me.

 Having done my bit of introducing, I hope you guys madly cheer them so that they can put a great show... and the rest of the department can find a fitting excuse to stay away from what they are supposed to be doing at IISc.

The first match is at 7:30 AM, 13th February (that is this coming Sunday). Hope to see you there ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hi! John thanks for the pre-match analysis. One request can you put some photos also.

Jonathan Fernandes said...

Yeah sure... I guess I will put the photos once the tournament has begun... I have no photos with me now.